The partnership structure is a unique aspect of American Truffle Company®. We believe in guiding our client-partners every step of the way with the latest truffle science, not just selling you inoculated trees and leaving you to your own devices. With the partnership program, we don’t get paid for our expertise until and unless you are successfully producing truffles, so our incentives are exactly aligned. Because we have a strong interest in your success, you can be assured that we will proactively and determinedly pursue the highest yields possible with you, bringing our significant amount of scientific data, research and experience to bear.



Expertise and training on all aspects of truffle cultivation and harvesting, and be on the forefront of truffle production technology. This includes full assistance on site selection (if needed) and site preparation.

You will know exactly what to do, from day one, to “push the envelope” and optimize the conditions that will maximize yield when the truffles do start producing.


Sharing from our rich community of partner orchards around the world

Proactively maximize your yield. We are constantly performing scientific research and analysis on all our partner orchards around the world. As certain conditions or practices prove to be beneficial, we share and adapt them to all our partner orchards. With the large number of trees in our ever-growing partner orchard community, you are tapping into a vast source of proprietary knowledge that is not available in the public domain.


Intensive continuous scientific monitoring of planted seedlings

You minimize the uncertainty of whether your truffle trees will produce truffles. It used to be that one would plant truffle-infected trees, leave them alone, and hope in a few years there will magically be truffles. At ATC, we don’t believe hope is a strategy. With the scientific monitoring of seedlings and their root systems that we carry out every year, you will know exactly how healthy your mycorrhiza colonies are every step of the way, so there are no surprises come harvesting time.


Distribution of the truffles through our network and brand (if desired)

Maximize revenue. Thanks to our global presence, we are able to distribute truffles to wherever they command the highest price. Also, under a brand that signifies freshness and quality, your truffles will command a higher price.

Active truffle orchard establishment

American Truffle Company is actively establishing truffle orchards with partners in the U.S. and Canada. If you would like to start a truffle orchard and have access to land (either through ownership or leasing), please contact us and find out how we can help make you highly successful